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4 November, 2016 by Rentapart Magazine

What are the minum and maximum stays at an apartment?

The minimum stay time is three days and the maximum time is three months, in accordance with current legislation in force. However, some apartments to rent have a longer minimum stay time, depending on the cases.

Our apartments are the property of citizens enjoying their homes at given times and, therefore, the maximum available term may also change depending on the use of the owner.

How do I book my apartment?

This is very simple. Follow the steps provided in How to book, on the top of the page.

which are the payment methods?

This is very easy.
To confirm reservation of an apartment,Rentapartmagazine requires its clients to pre-pay 25% of the total stay amount with a credit card through paypal.
The payment of this amount is carried out online at the time the booking is made, and it is charged to your card once the apartment availability has been confirmed.
To guarantee confidentiality of your data, this transaction is carried out through a secure server.

This pre-payment is necessary to make your reservation effective and it will not be fully valid until we have charged 25% of the total to your card and you have received our confirmation. Once the payment has been received, we will send you an e-mail validating the data of your reservation in the 24 subsequent hours or 48 hours later at weekends.
The remaining amount, 75%, is delivered in cash to the representative from RentApartMagazine receiving you upon arrival at the apartment. It is very important that you remember to take along this amount in cash because otherwise you will not be able to enter and enjoy the apartment.

Do I need to pay a deposit to rent the apartment?

Yes, our apartments are the property of citizens allowing you to enjoy your home. In order to guarantee care and respectful usage of the apartment on our customers’ behalf, we may demand a guarantee deposit upon arrival that shall be returned on the last day whenever the apartment is in the exact same conditions as it was delivered.

The deposit amount depends on the apartment chosen and it is stated on the booking page. Remember that payment of the deposit must be made in cash to the representative from RentApartMagazine receiving you when you “check into” the apartment. Otherwise, you will not be able to access and enjoy the apartment.

What do I do if I need to cancel my booking?

Please contact us as soon as possible as there is a cancellation cost that varies depending on the time at which we are informed. The cost of cancelling a reservation is the following:

Between 90 and 45 days in advance: 20% of the full amount
Between 44 and 25 days in advance: 50% of the full amount.
Less than 24 days in advance: 100% of the full amount.

Please bear in mind that 25% of the total amount paid in the reservation shall not be returned under any circumstances.


Are there any additional charges such as water, gas or electricity?

Water, gas and electricity consumption is included in the total price of the apartment rental. Having said this, we expect our customers to respect the environment and be responsible as consumers.

We ask you not to leave taps open, lights on or the air conditioning on when you are not in the apartment. You already know that water is a treasure. The Planet will benefit and so will we.

Do your prices include tax?

All taxes are included in the price stated with your booking with Rentapartmagazine. Best price guaranteed for apartments to rent.

What happens if something breaks by accident?

If you notice any breakages when entering the apartment, please notify us immediately.
In the case of an accidental breakage, contact us as soon as possible so that we can arrange for repairs to be made and so that you can enjoy your stay comfortably. If the damage is not covered by the apartment’s insurance, we will decide whether to discount the damage from the deposit at our discretion.

How does the apartment cleaning service work?

Rentapartmagazine guarantees that your apartment shall be clean and tidy and fit for use upon arrival. The apartment must be returned in the same clean and tidy conditions as you found it. If you would like to hire an additional cleaning service while you are staying in Madrid, let us know and we will be delighted to send you more information.
Remember that the additional cleaning service has an extra cost of €50 to be paid at the end of your stay in cash. This may also be deducted from your deposit.

Are there any towels and sheets?

All the apartments viewed in Rentapartmagazine have sheets and towels so you need not worry.

Can I get a cot?

Yes, but you must notify us in advance. The cost of this service is €15 and you will find the cot in the apartment.

Which are apartment arrival and departure times?

Arrival at the apartment will be between 3 pm and 8 pm.
The last day of your stay, you must vacate the apartment before 11 am.
If you wish to arrive later, please bear in mind that an extra fee of €40 is payable for late check-in between 8 pm and 00:00.
Arrival after 00:00 is not allowed.
If you want to arrive earlier or leave later, please inform us prior to your arrival and Rentapartmagazine shall do its utmost to meet your requests as long as the property is not rented that day to another guest.
As you may know already, a Rentapartmagazine representative will be expecting you on arrival.

what are the terms and conditions?

The reservations section, on the right hand side column of our website, describes all apartment terms and conditions of mandatory compliance. Please read these conditions carefully.

who can assist me if I need something?

At Rentapartmagazine we hope that your stay in our city brings you a wealth of unforgettable experiences. A contact person will greet you when you check in and the staff at Rentapartmagazine will answer any questions and assist you with any requests during our office hours (9 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm).
Our telephone number is: + 34 651 533 013
In addition, once your reservation has been confirmed, we will supply a mobile telephone number that you can ring SOLELY in the case of an emergency out of office hours. We kindly ask you to use this number responsibly.

what practical advice is useful for me?

You can see practical information in the reservations section in the information column situated on the right.
If you need assistance or tourist information, you can check the tourist guide section.
Any of these two sections shall provide useful information so that you can enjoy Madrid when you arrive.
Welcome to Madrid.