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4 November, 2016 by Rentapart Magazine

Short Term Rental Apartments in Madrid : Would you like someone to pay your mortgage for you while you are on holiday?
If you are thinking of selling, why not get some extra revenue from your property until a buyer turns up?
Are you going to spend some time away from home for work, to study a master’s degree abroad or (some people are lucky) to travel around the world?
To sum up: Would you like to make the most of your home when it is empty?
At Rentapartmagazine we are experts in making the most of your property, for the amount of time you choose.
Did you know that Madrid is the main tourist centre in Spain and the fourth most visited city in Europe?
Although you may not believe it, the lack of hotel rooms was one of the arguments in rejecting the Madrid 2012 Olympics bid.
Rentapartmagazine offers you the opportunity to benefit from incoming tourism and business travellers arriving in our city: The recreational or business rental of your property.
In hard times like these, it is advisable to make the most of opportunities and we’re sure you’ll agree.
Conventional renting, for long periods of time, is regulated by the LAU (Spanish Urban Rentals Law), a law which is a real trap for those wanting to rent for shorter terms as it includes: forceful five-year extensions, extremely complicated proceedings in the case of default, etc. What started as a safe investment could soon turn into a nightmare.
Sometimes we would like to dispose of our properties to sell them, rent them or use them ourselves.
These are the benefits:


Renting your apartment by days or weeks you stand to earn more than by renting it for longer spells. Tourist or temporary rentals are the best way of maximising profitability of your real estate investment.
Rentapartmagazine offers you the best showcase – our well-designed website – for your apartment, irrespective of the area it is located. In addition, our low margins and unbeatable pricing policies will help you to make your property more productive and worthwhile.


The traditional rental method, the Spanish Urban Rentals Law, deems that tenancy can last up to five years and eviction of bad payers can involve a lengthy process. However, short-term rentals mean that the owner can decide the guest’s stay periods, allowing total flexibility and control over your apartment.Rentapartmagazine is solely devoted to short-term rentals to guarantee your full protection and satisfaction. We are experts.


Temporary rentals ensure constant maintenance of your property.

For you comfort,Rentapartmagazine carefully selects its customers, who are usually from the finance world, trade fairs, large multinationals or universities.
Our customers are executives, freelancers, conference goers, artists and travellers seeking and appreciating the warmth of a comfortable environment and who do not want to stay at impersonal hotels.
This is why we like to monitor things personally, deal with people directly and get close to our customers. Knowing that they feel at home, we are sure that they will look after and respect your home as if it were their own.
Flexibility and Comfort

Rentapartmagazine offers you total flexibility when renting your property.
You decide beforehand when your apartment will be available and the period in which you wish to rent it. Our job is to greet and say goodbye to guests, make reservations and payments.
Naturally, laundry and cleaning services are not your concerns as we know your home deserves special care.
This is because we also enjoy travelling and feeling at home.
It’s very easy – Just give us a call or send us an e-mail to find out more.
Tel: + 34 651 533 013